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My name is Anna Bergfors, I was born 1969, and I´m from Eskilstuna, Sweden. 
I´m a writer and a professional speaker. 
”I. Have. No. Words. Left” is my debut book, a book about being a relative to a person with drug addiction.

I have no words left with so much to say.  
Words left unsaid.  
Words left unheard.  
Words only thought.  
Words only felt.  
I. Have. No. Words. Left.  
I’m out of words.    
But I can write those words.  
I’m planning for your funeral.  
I’ve done it for a while now.  
There’s a comfort in that.  
A release for my sorrow.  
This prose collection was born from my need of comfort. My need to put my feelings about my adult son’s addiction into words.  
The words comfort me, and I hope my words will give you comfort as well.  
With these words, I want you as a family member or friend to know that you’re not alone and there is no right or wrong in how we feel and what we feel.  
Your friend or family member’s addiction is not about you.  
It affects you too, and as family members or friends, we need to find a way to approach this to live a decent life, to find ways to cope that work for us.  
We will be using different coping mechanisms, but you have the right to live your life the way you want to, you have the right to be the lead role in your life.  
This prose collection will not help my son to get clean from his addiction, but it will help me breathe.
Mikalela Fall, Sweden
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”A book everyone needs to read, not just those who have experienced addiction firsthand. The author really puts herself out there, and puts words to the thoughts and fears I think every parent has. It´s raw, honest and amazing”.
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